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May 22, 2009
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Ganix Apec Free Font by KeepWaiting Ganix Apec Free Font by KeepWaiting
This is a beta demo of one of the fonts I'm working on (on the side). Was going for something more logo-ish-organic but came out sort of techno/electronic instead.

So far it has uppercase, lowercase and minimal punctuation.

Feedback appreciate.

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nice font :) thanks for sharing

MartinSilvertant Feb 14, 2012  Professional General Artist
I think this has potential but you need to make it more consistent. I very much like the severe slope in letters like 'b' and 'd' and I would use that throughout the typeface.

- 'a' could do with a spur.
- 'd' should not be a mirrored 'b'. In the 'b' the bowl goes inwards more at the top while in the 'd' the bowl slopes inwards more at the bottom.
- 'e' is too geometric. Rather give it a slope like in a/b/c/d.
- 'f' is also too geometric. Avoid those straight horizontal lines in the terminals.
- 'g' could be a bit more condensed.
- 'h' and 'n' are too wide. You need to make sure that the negative space in each letter is roughly the same. Right now there's more negative space in h/n/ than in letters like b/p.
- 'r' is too wide. The 'r' is actually quite a problematic character as the strokes aren't well distributed. 'L' has the same issue.
- u/v are too wide.
- 'w' is the right width but perhaps you should add a bit of a corner in the curves at the bottom. Either that or make the 'v' a bit more rounded.
- 'y' is too wide, its descender is too long and again I think you should avoid using a straight line.

- I quite like the slope in 'B' just as in some of the lowercase letters, but most of your other capitals are just too geometric. I would revise some capital letters like A, O, G and S to give it the same slope.
- 'E' is too wide.
- The horizontal bar in 'G' is too long and too high, and perhaps a spur would look good.
- The serif in 'J' is too long. I would reduce it by half.
so cute & nice ..
i think it is suitable for magazine and brochure ,,

is it allowed to use in commericial design ?
Like the style! fav)
Sasha-Melrai Nov 27, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the font. I also found it on someone else's DA [link]
A thousand words are worth a picture. A picture of a word, however...
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